LAVA Vacuum Sealer V.200
Product Details:

Single Sealing 35 cm | 400 W

The Vacuum Sealer V.200® is a powerful professional vacuum sealer with a ball bearing pump motor for the highest performance and reliability. The vacuum sealer V.200 with his sealing bar length of 35 cm is ideal for the household sector, the catering and small businesses. The device is characterized as any other Lava Vacuum Packager through its particularly easy handling.

Fully automatic: Automatic capping vacuuming and welding process. Monitored by Lava-sensor control
Professional vacuuming and welding of food, industrial parts and other items
Vacuum-Pack bags or rolls Bag, or only seal without vacuum. Also standard: Switchable at any time to container mode
Individually adjustable sealing time - so you can use foils up to 200μ (industrial strength) with a width of up to 350 mm
Manufacture of foil bags of individual length (continuous rolls can be found in 4 widths in the Lava accessories section))
Soft vacuum: possible Precise pressure regulation (additional charge only 12.90 ?) for vacuum sealing of pressure-sensitive foods
No pressure on regulatory stop-pulse function or manual welding as part of other devices in this sector
Vacuuming of all vacuum containers, pots, jars and twist-off jars and containers by suction
Welding of plastic bags up to 200μ to be used as a pure foil-sealer
Vacuum packing and sealing of liquids (with the V.200 and L+ pressure regulator or pre-frozen)
Vacuum packing of smooth, standard vacuum-sealed foil available from 120μ thickness (cost savings)!

Lava leads! The qualitity of the V.200 convinces everybody:

The professional vacuum sealer V.200 is suitable for continuous daily use in residential and commercial
Easy use of smooth-side-sealed vacuum bags (from 120μ thickness)
Vacuum controlled by a SENSOR - of course standard on a lava-quality product
Automatic cooling system of the welding strip
Optical bar graph of the negative pressure
Pump capacity: 20 liters per minute
Maximum negative pressure: -0.85 bar (-850 mbar)
Welding band Length: 350 mm (1 strong sealing)
Power Pmax: 400 watts
Use of high performance piston pump with ball bearings
A gentle vacuum, precise vacuum regulation for a small additional charge
The appropriate pressure regulation L+ can be found in the accessories section
As standard removable liquid separator protects the pump from liquid (very important!)
In addition, each Lava has a tightly integrated bath in the intake of fluids - a Lava that is doubly protected!
Oversized welding transformers, so no overheating
Up to 1.000 sealings in one piece or hours of work possible
Continuously adjustable welding time, perfect for various films (whether thin chip bag or a stable 200μ - bag)
All seals are not glued, they are only inserted - can easily replace the customers themselves.
The sealing strip itself can be changed quickly, not necessarily returning the unit
Maintenance free design - no costs!
Dimensions: 410 x 210 x 98 mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 3,95 kg



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